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Vanette Club of the Philippines



For inquiries just Email us at

or join us in one of our regular rides.

See you there!



To those interested to have the VCP Sticker of their own go to the sticker place in front of ACE Hardware at the Festival Mall in Alabang. They have the 2 templates available.



New Tech Tips Courtesy of MacGyver and Shauskie can now be seen in

Vanette Help Clinic




Safari guide

Vanette Club of the Philippines

Congratulations VCP EyeBall 2012

VCP2012 EyeBall

September 23, 2012 Another great Eyeball Fellow KABANETs. Until next time wee meet. Click here for pictures by POGS899.

VCP Valentines 2011

Vanette at Metropoli

February 12, 2011. The 2nd meeting of fellow Vanette Owners was held at the McDo Metropoli area in Libis Quezon City. Two of our best source of information for our Vanette (Shauskie and MacGyver) finally met each other as they compared their rdes and the upgrades they have been doing to their vanettes, On the lighter side of things, V747 treated them to a demonstration of RC Helicopter and Airplane Flying at the nearby Flying FIeld as CC81352 became the designated cameraman. Happy Valentines to all !






First Vanette Owners EyeBall

1st VCP EyeBall

1st VCP EyeBall

August 1, 2010 . It was one happy get-together when fiveVanette enthusiasts met at the Shell Jollibee Macapagal Avenue. Present were Aijie28, Vanette747, Shauskie, CVT and VanityQ. To all those who participated in this occassion CONGRATULATIONS and nice to finally meet you. We will see you all at the next Eyeball jointly with other Vanette Owners.

3rd VCP EyeBall

3rd VCP EyeBall Shell Jollibee Macapagal Ave

July 3, 2011 Blessed with good weather in the early part of the day, the never say die VCP members finally met at the Shell Jollibee Macapagal Avenue for some chit-chats and sticker time for all who brought their rides. Thanks for the great time Kabanets. Click photos to view slide show.